Letter from the President :

This is a great period of change for our Army.  As we continue to face the uncertainty of budget reductions, personnel cuts and sequestration we must continue to be the voice for the Army. Now more than ever your continued support of the ALAMO Chapter adds volume to the voice to protect the promises made to those men and women who freely stand in harms way to protect our freedom.  As your new President, I will continue the great works of our Past Presidentsand commit to making a difference in our Soldier’s lives.

The Association of the United States Army exists to speak for the US Army, this includes Active, Reserve, National Guard, Officer, NCO, Enlisted and Retired Soldiers. We also have the responsibility to speak for Soldier’s families, DA civilian employees, and yes, the south Texas community.. This can only be accomplished through membership.  Without members we are only a silent cry, unheard and ignored, failing to carry out the promises made to our service members and their families.

As I start my tenure I am amazed at the dedication and sacrifices that our Soldiers make every day. They inspire me to provide them and their families the best support possible.There are many challenges ahead and AUSA Alamo Chapter stands ready to face these challenges and fight for the promises made to our Soldiers and their families.   

 As President of the Alamo Chapter,

I would also ask for your help by continuing to increase our membership and strengthen our voice. We must to continue to let Congress and other elected officials know, that our voice is the voice of many, speaking for our Army. Our voice must be strong, and together we can grow our voice by renewing your membership and sharing with others the importance of becoming part of AUSA and encouraging them to join.

Together we can speak for the GREATEST ARMY ON EARTH.

As always, our Chapter and its leadership is “Serving those who serve us.” 

-Shelly Lawson

Alamo AUSA Chapter President



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